Yo-Yoing in Augmented Reality with Hyperspektiv

My friend Allan Lavell let me play with a new build of his Hyperspektiv app. Allan has made many cool visual apps like Glitch Wizard, but the newest build of his Hyperspektiv app allows you experience a real-time effect while keeping your iPhone in a simple plast headset. So of course yo-yoing in augmented reality was the first thing I tried.

Yo-yoing through an AR headset was crazy hard, but really fun. I wonder what it would be like to organize a booth at the World Yo-Yo Contest where players could experience something like this. It’s an outerbody experience.

The headset is just an iPhone 6 sitting in a cheap plastic headset like this one.
Yo-yo used is a Markmont Classic
Song by Clintongore

Augmented Reality Yo-Yoing



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