My 10 most popular GIFs on Giphy

The folks at Giphy have been killing it this year and I’ve really enjoyed having my own artist page where I can share all my original animated GIFs. Recently, Giphy has started displaying the total views for each GIF, so I thought it would be fun to go through and pick out my 10 most popular GIFs on Giphy.


Created with Trixel art, then glitched using pixel sorting techniques.

Bob Moog

In honor of Bob Moog’s birthday.


An original concept design for our Sweet Ride video game. We later replaced the pizza with a donut.

Sweet Ride Board Design

More concept art from Sweet Ride. This piece shows an early version of my trixel art sprites for our skate game, but we eventually ditched the trucks and wheels and made it a hoverboard.

Trixel Tardis

Some Dr Who fan art created in trixel art using an early version of Hexels.

Crow on an eagle

I came across a stunning set of wildlife images taken by Phoo Chan that appear to show a crow riding atop an eagle. I was still learning different techniques of animating gifs in photoshop, so I decided to try taking the three shots and animating them as best I could.

Alien Outburst

Some original fan art for Alien Day (4/26/16).

Folded and Glitched

A friend was working on an origami a day project and mailed me a piece to photograph in SF. Shot with Seene and edited using my technique.

Back To The Future Day

Original art created for Back To The Future Day.

Twitter’s Heartbreaking Switch

And with nearly 15 million views, more than all my other gifs combined, this Zelda gif is my most viewed piece on Giphy. Remember when Twitter switched from using stars to using hearts? Remember the community outrage? No? That’s okay, most people don’t.


This is the year I really started to focus on animated artwork, focusing mostly on developing my Trixel Art style. Trixels are similar to pixel art, but are created with triangles instead of squares. I think the results have paid off. Literally, I’ve been hired to create more trixel art for clients than just about any other thing I’ve done in the past. 7 of the 10 photos above are original trixel pieces created in Hexels Pro.

Most of my other pieces on Giphy have between 10,000-50,000 views, and there are some pieces I’m really proud of that just didn’t seem to get as many views as the pieces above. I think using the right keywords is very important to getting seen on Giphy. Getting listed on their front page is also a big help, that’s mostly determined algorithmically. So if you get enough views early on, you are bound to hit the front page for at least a little while.

According to Ari at Giphy, “Views are counted every time the GIF is served, which means every time it comes up in a search either on our site or API, plus the front page.”

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