An image of a can with a red label. The can looks like a propane fuel canister. There is creepy black drawing on the side of the can that looks like a nightmarish smile, or a death metal logo.

Nightmare fuel

After a hard day of internet-ing, I usually come across one or two particularly cute and uplifting videos. But this week I feel like everything I watch is driving my post-election anxieties rather than easing them.

To be clear, these videos aren’t gross or violent at all. In fact, most of them are actually kind of funny, but I feel like each one of them has somehow tapped into some fear I never realized I had before. So grab some popcorn and enjoy this nightmare fuel.

This hamster


Paternoster Elevators

Tay Zonday playing Team Fortress 2

Being passed by a free climber while on a multi-pitch climb

This Squirrel

Creepy Watson





One response to “Nightmare fuel

  1. Jeremy Brooks Avatar

    Those elevators are fascinating. That squirrel is pure evil.

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