Denim Wallets available again

About ten years ago, I was paying rent in SF by yo-yoing, tailoring, and selling denim wallets. The wallets were made with the scraps from high end selvage jeans and, like a pair of great jeans, got better with age. I stopped making these wallets about 5 years ago, but often get asked to make a few more, mostly from folks who lost their first denim wallet and want a replacement.

So I’ve made a few more wallets and listed them on my Etsy page (with more to come probably). There are two styles currently, red leather with gold selvage denim or brown leather with double denim. All my wallets are designed with a minimum design that tucks into itself to stay closed.

The double denim wallets are made with scraps from different high quality jeans. Each one is unique.

The red leather ones are made with a cool red upholstery I found that has some shiny metallic threading in it. The denim itself has a cool golden selvage line, which looks great with the upholstery. I had enough gold selvage denim and red upholstery to make about 20 wallets.






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