How to upload photos to Instagram via the web

Instagram still doesn’t allow you to upload photos via your web browser, but they have recently enabled users who don’t have the Instagram to upload via the mobile web. So here’s how you can upload to instagram via the web using Google Chrome or Safari by spoofing a mobile web browser.

Google Chrome to Instagram:

If you are are using Google Chrome, you’ll need to use an extension like User Agent Switcher (aka “UA Spoofer”) to spoof a mobile device. Once this extension is installed, click the UA Switcher icon to a mobile device setting (like iPhone 6). Then the upload button will appear as a camera icon on the bottom of your screen. Click it to upload your photos from your laptop.

Safari to Instagram:

The Device Emulator is built in to Safari. To get to it, simply go to the Safari menu bar Develop > User Agent > Safari iOS 7 – iPhone.

And that’s how to upload photos to instagram from web without using the mobile app. Have you tried the technique out yet? Let me know how it works for you.





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