Another packed weekend in San Francisco

I haven’t gotten much work done on personal projects lately, but Christine and I had another packed weekend in San Francisco that I thought was worth sharing. (for anyone reading this via RSS, you might be missing the embedded videos)

Church of 8 Wheels:

We rolled into the weekend with a night of skating at the Church Of 8 Wheels on Fillmore St. We’ve been to several of their other skate nights at CellSpace and the Women’s Building, but this was our first time at this newer location. It’s the perfect place to skate. Great floors, surprisingly big, and deliciously sacrilegious. Sacrilicious?

Rat Cafe:

We headed to Fisherman’s Wharf early on Saturday Morning for the very first Rat Cafe in SF. It was really more of a rat “show and tell” in a tourist trap called The San Francisco Dungeon. Nothing like the cat cafes that are popping up everywhere, but it was still a fun time.

Crime rates on the climb:

We went bouldering at Dog Patch Boulders today. Near the end of the climbing session, I struggled with a V3, then flashed a V5 right beside it. The people who had been working on the V5 probably weren’t expecting to see that. When we headed back to Christine’s car, we found out that a bunch of cars had been broken into. Including ours. There were at least 6 cars with freshly broken windows. Luckily, the only thing Christine had worth stealing was an occultist costume in the trunk, which they must have decided to leave alone.

The Big Sick:

We are heading off to see The Big Sick at the Alamo right now. Maybe I’ll leave a review right after we get back?







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