Lazer Ryderz, a Tron inspired tabletop game

Lazer Ryderz is a tabletop board game inspired by the light-cycle scenes in Tron. I backed it on Kickstarter and finally got to play it a couple of times today and I love it. I’m a huge Tron fan, but what really sucked me into the KS campaign was that retro 80s vibe that they did so well.

The game is packaged like a VHS box set, each box within is the pieces for each player. The rules are fairly simple, players are trying to capture 3 prism pieces while blocking other players from doing the same. Players pick a speed for each round which determine which order they move, how long the piece they can use to get there, and how hard it might be to take a turn. It was pretty intimidating at first, but we all got the hang of it pretty much in the first 2 minutes of gameplay.

So if a Tron inspired tabletop game sounds fun to you, you should pick up a copy. I recommend it.






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