A million Pony Farts

Pony Farts is a simple slack/whip yo-yo trick I shared back in 2010. I always loved how flexible it was to work into combos, but it never really caught on. This week I decided to document some of my favorite Pony Fart variations to encourage players to explore the idea a little further.

Alvin, a yo-yoer I follow on Instagram, just shared another PF variation that I absolutely love! hashtagponyfarts

Silly repeater using @unprld #elimination #trickcircle #ccrepeaters similar to @docpop pony farts!

A post shared by Alvin Simon (@alvin.yoyo) on

Here is the original Pony Farts video, which oddly looks better than the one I just shot 7 years later 🙁






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