Strange Noises In an Abandoned Military Bunker

A few years back we were at an art show deep within an abandoned bunker in SF. There was a meeting place, some nearby parking lot, then someone would gather small groups and help show them the path into the bunker. Once we were a few rooms in, there were candles on the ground and urban explorer themed photos along the walls. It was pretty awesome.

About an hour later we had seen all the art and tasted as much cheap whiskey as we could stand, so we started exploring deeper and deeper within the tunnels. One of the rooms we found ourselves in had fantastic acoustic properties. It wasn’t much bigger than the rest of the rooms, but every sound we made just seemed to echo off the walls. So I turned my headlamp off and started to make an “ommmmm” sound, hoping my friends would join me. That’s when I discovered that our friend Ken was a skilled Tuvan throat singer, because of course he is.

Here is a short recording from that night:







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  1. Jeremy Brooks Avatar

    Wow! That sounds amazing!

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