Yo-Yo Ng, the greatest supervillain you’ve never heard of

Today I found out about Yo-Yo Ng, a yo-yo wielding supervillain who made his first and only appearance in the giant sized issue #50 of The Punisher.

I haven’t been able to read this issue yet, but I found this breakdown of Yo-Yo from Alternative007:

Yo Yo is a decent villain as far as these types of comics go. He’s an albino with a shock of white hair and has a razor studded Yo Yo that he uses to kill people! He’s also a martial arts expert and if you annoy him you’ll end up in his cryogenic lab. NASA think Yo Yo is doing research for them but he’s planning to rip them off. He believes his impenetrable biospheres will not be put into space but in American cities when law and order collapses in about ten years. He’ll make a fortune if he’s correct about the the near future descending into anarchy.

It’s a shame that Yo-Yo Ng only appears in this one comic. This is one villain that I’d like to see keep coming back. Get it? Like a yo-yo.

Maybe the Punisher put him to sleep.

Or if he’s still on the run, Frank Castle could chase him around the world.

Maybe he’s working on a secret yo-yo rocket… so he could shoot the moon. That’d be a neat twist.






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