PopCast, the world’s first yo-yo vlog series, may return

I’ve been thinking about diving back into the making yo-yo videos more often. Back in the day, I’d post a new yo-yo video for just about every new trick I made. I’d also do a pretty good job of documenting yo-yo contests, local meetups, and other silliness way before Youtube was a thing. Then I got to thinking about about PopCast, an old yo-yo video series that was mostly just me chatting in front of a camera and reviewing yo-yos or showing tricks. In retrospect, PopCast was probably the world’s first yo-yo vlog.

So recently, I decided to collect the early episodes into a Youtube playlist, which you can view here:

I’ve also been thinking about bringing them back with the help of backers on Patreon (or maybe Drip). That would help greatly towards buying new equipment and making time to record and produce. What do y’all think about the idea?






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