Bolt Part 2 and Icarus Yo-Yos Available This Friday

As of last week, I am done shipping Bolt Part 2s to all of my Kickstarter backers, which means that I’ll be making them available to everyone else soon. Very soon. This Friday soon!

If you missed the Kickstarter, this will be your first chance to buy a Bolt Part 2 yo-yo on But wait… there’s more! I’ll also be selling my brand new yo-yo, The Icarus too! The Icarus is the first yo-yo I’ve made without pre-selling on Kickstarter, which feels like a really big deal. So be sure to save the date! Friday June 1st at 8am PST on!

Its the bolt part 2…you need to buy it. Everything about this throw down to the package reeks of passion, Art, Quality, and Love. A true reflection of the Man, the artist, a true OG…@docpop #trickcircle #dumbrepeater #boltpart2

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?Brand new yo-yos coming to on June 1st! The Icarus and several colors of The Bolt Part 2!?

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