Looking back at the Obra Dinn [spoiler free]

In Lucas Pope’s newest game, “Return of the Obra Dinn“, you play an insurance adjuster who travels to an abandoned ship to learn what happened to it’s crew. It’s an insurance themed murder-mystery game at sea.

Christine and I just finished the game and loved the experience. The story is fantastic, but what really hooked us was the highly stylized graphics. Lucas wanted to recreate an old school look similar to what you’d find in older Sierra Online games. To recreate this look, Lucas takes a 3D environment, adds wireframe lines (to give 3D objects a 2D look), converts it to grayscale, then uses a dynamic noise effect to break the shading into a dithering effect.

I remember a year back when he was sharing some of his early experiments and some of the challenges that dithering created when used in a 3D environment:

A more detailed explanation of Lucas’s dithering technique can be found on this tigsource thread.

The Return of the Obra Dinn can be bought on Steam here.






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  1. […] OMG return of the OBRA DINNNNNNN! This is one of those games you buy for the art, but luck out on the game play. This is a who-done-it style game, where you play an insurance adjuster trying to determine how everyone on the Obra Dinn meet their cursed fate. Christine and I loved playing this game together. There were several times when she saw a clue I totally missed and vice versa. I shared a SPOILER FREE write up about the game’s art style here. […]

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