A screenshot from an iphone that shows an error message and says to plug your phone back in to restore it. The screen has light blue streaks running up it vertically, as if the screen has been damaged.

Cracked Screen Wallpaper for iPhone X

I dropped my iPhone one too many times, so it was time to finally upgrade. Before I ditched my iPhone 6, I captured one last photo of the screen and converted it into this wallpaper you can download and use on your iPhone X (or most other phones). I think it looks particularly cool with the perspective mode on.

Hi res broken iPhone wallpaper

I’ve also created a few other broken screen wallpapers throughout the years, like this one I made from Christine’s phone.

Christine's Cracked Screen Wallpaper
click here for Christine’s cracked screen

Or this one I made from Benny Gold’s cracked phone.

click here for Benny’s broken screen



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