KnifeTanking it up

This weekend I finished recording vocals for my next chiptune album and wrapped production on the Kickstarter video for KnifeTank: The Shüffling.

Toss card in action

The video was shot by my friend Shalaco and is being editing now. So many of my favorite people showed up to the shoot. Shoutout to Kearstin, Andrew, Eddie, John, Hank, Stuart, Rob, and Shalaco for sharing their afternoon with me. I can’t wait to show y’all the final video.

In other news, I’ve been reaching out to board game reviewers about KnifeTank and have added the game (and myself) to the Board Game Geek database. That part was not easy. BGG is very confusing, but hey, if you’re on it please feel free to leave a review for KnifeTank: The Shüffling. Thanks!







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