KnifeTank: Final 24 hours on KS and a new tank!

It’s o-fish-al, we just crossed the 500 backer mark on the KnifeTank Kickstarter, so we’ve unlocked the new “Fish Tank” card that you’ve been herring about. This is a bonus tank that will come with your KS rewards. For those who missed it, the Fish Tank was a tank originally suggested in the comments on a previous post, then my artist mocked up 3 versions of what the tank could look like… and now you get to see the fin-al art!

Fish Tank art (not drawn to scale)

Some of you may have noticed something fishy about the this particular card… most tanks only have one turret symbol (the yellow circle), but Fish Tank has two. This means the Fish Tank allows you to choose which turret you want to use when making an attack. Will this break the game? Any fin is possible, but don’t think it’ll be a turtle disaster. Besides, this seemed like a good oppor-tuna-ty to experiment with a new idea. It’s bass-ically a normal tank with one more turret in the back.
I look forward to hearing many tails of epic Fish Tank battles. Will your tank be the sole survivor?
Cod I hope I don’t lose too many followers from all these sofishticated puns. At least I’m kraken myself up.



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