A Bishop in the First-Dimension

I wrote this short story to help describe how Bishops move in Doc Pop's One-Dimensional Chess:

The Bishop opened his eyes and again the world collapsed. The ground before him–so far as he could see–was white. Looking back, the familiar silhouette of Isabella, his Queen, bolstered his resolve. He could feel her eyes upon him, and trusted her to see more than himself.

He returned his gaze to the empty space before him, where an enemy’s Pawn had just recently threatened him. The Pawn seemed to disappear and reappear with each step. He could not see it, but the Pawn was there, standing in the dark place the Bishop could not touch.

A figure moved in the distance, the enemy’s Knight, unmistakable upon his menacing steed. The Bishop quietly unsheathed his dagger, tightened his grip firmly, and dashed towards the mounted marauder. His cape billowed as the air rushed by in a torrent. The Knight, unprepared for this stealthy attack, fell at the Bishop’s feet with a loud, metallic thud. As the Bishop cleaned his blade he could not help but be awestruck at his good luck. Before him stood the enemy’s King. “Finally,” he thought. “An end to this pointless war,” but before he could move, a blade cut deep into his cloak. The Bishop fell as the towering figure of the enemy’s Rook slid into view.







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