The Reverse Halloween Short Film (that was almost lost forever)

In 2009, a user named np312 wrote a comment on Ask Metafilter about being reverse-trick-or-treated when they were a kid. I loved the story so much that I drew it into a comic…. and then someone loved the comic so much they turned it into a short film.

As I understand it, Bradley Montesi shot this back in 2013, but his computers were stolen before he could finish editing it. Somehow, after 7 years of trying, he managed to find the raw footage using Apple’s Time Machine and now the film is finally finished.

Reverse-Trick-Or-Treating Halloween comic by Doctor Popular

It’s been fun to see this story/comic come back every year in some new form. I heard there’s even a commercial in the UK based on it. I haven’t kept up with the original poster, but I hope they’ve had as much fun with it over the years as I have.






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