TikTok is hard, y’all

As part of my ongoing effort of documenting the human emotion, I’ve created a TikTok account. Mostly I use it to share yo-yo videos like this:


Tiktok is hard, y’all! yoyo

? original sound – Doc Pop

Though I still prefer using Youtube as a way of sharing tutorials and interviews, and Instagram as a place to share short trick videos, I’ve found TikTok is a neat place to explore something between the two. Something with a bit more substance than a straight forward trick video, but not quite intended as a long experience. It’s inspired me to share a series of Quick Tips videos like this:


Another #yoyo Quick Tip. These are some tips for getting a smoother sleep on your older wooden yo-yos. #fixedaxlefebruary

? original sound – Doc Pop

It’s also a fun place to explore memes, narrative concetpts, and jokes in a way that doesn’t quite make sense on IG.


It’s easy now, but I forgot how hard this overhand 1.5 whip was to land at first. The #yoyo just did not want to travel over my hand correctly.

? Cannibal Ox – Doc Pop

Jamming to a song called “Multiverse Quarantine”. I wrote this song with my buddy @songaday_jonathanmann #yoyo

? original sound – Doc Pop

“You miss 100% of the tricks you don’t try” – Doctor M. Popular #yoyo

? Shit Luck – Modest Mouse

So hey, come follow me on TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@doctorpopular






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