Blind Cherub’s 1-bit art for Cara Neir’s “Valkyrie”

Today I stumbled on the Juan Vizcarra’s (aka Blind Cherub) twitter page and spent some time looking through their 1-bit style art. There are lots of great pieces there, but one that really caught my eye was a looping animation created to accompany “Valkyrie“, a great song off of Cara Neir’s Phase Out.

“1-bit animation for our song Valkyrie. Track 4 from Phase Out. Animation by Juan Vizcarra. In our lore, Valkyrie is one of the subservient mini-bosses to The One From Trimjrtle. She wields an ancient spear that emits blasts of blinding energy. She has slain many warriors in The One’s trials before, but perhaps she will meet her match one day as she awaits our arrival.”

from the youtube description

Cara Neir also commissioned other artists to create short animations that go with the rest of the songs from their newest album, Phase Out. You can buy the album here or watch the full playlist on Youtube here.






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