Testing the sketch block in WordPress

Since this blog is powered by WordPress, I thought it would be cool to test out Automattic’s new Sketch Block. This is a Gutenberg block you can install that allows you to create a drawing using your mouse or stylus. Here is the result:

If you are viewing the post on DocPop.org, you probably see some pink and blue lines, that is because the Sketch Block doesn’t fill in the background. A lesson I learned the hard way. (update: if you are viewing this post via RSS, the sketched image won’t show up at all). I’ve also captured a screenshot and used that as the featured image at the top of the post.

I tested out the Sketch App on my laptop, but it really works best when used with a stylus. For this experiment I used an iPad with an Apple Pencil. My biggest thoughts are:

  • An undo button would be nice
  • There should be a way to add background color (transparency is nice, but shouldn’t be the default)
  • The block should show a border so you know where you can draw (I constantly broke the entire image by dragging my stylus too far down)
  • Sketches don’t show up for RSS viewers
  • It’s a really cool idea though, very unique
  • I’m sure this is still a work in progress, so I look forward to seeing more updates

For more information, check out this clip from last week’s Torque Social Hour, where I tested the Sketch Block out and shared my feedback. Segment starts at 33:20.






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