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SF Destroys A Popular Skate Spot on Duncan Street

The intersection at Duncan and Valencia St was a popular spot for kids and young skaters in our neighborhood until the city added little cuts on the curbs to deter skateboarding there. I guess too many folks were bummed they had to wait a few seconds for skaters to get out of the way, so they asked the city to find a way to deter the kids from using the spot. It’s worth noting that Duncan Street is technically part of SF’s Slow Streets program even though it doesn’t have any visible signage. This program was set up exactly so folks get safe ride their bikes, skateboard, jog, or exercise on certain streets. So slowing down for skaters really shouldn’t be a big deal.

Unfortunately the city destroyed this skate spot without providing any new spaces for skaters to hang out. I really don’t understand why every single park with a basketball court or tennis court doesn’t also provide a simple area for skaters to use to. Each park should have a rail or box for kids to skate on.







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