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The Dune NFT disaster (or how Not To market a Film)

I’m so excited about the Dune movie that I’m doing everything I can to avoid seeing any trailers or photos before its release, but the news of Dune NFTs still managed to spoil the film for me.

Why would Legendary Entertainment use NFTs, a technology famous for its high carbon footprint, to promote a story about the dangers destroying our planet?

From my twitter page https://twitter.com/DocPop/status/1436452792499990530

The marketing team should have seen this coming though. Look at the reactions when Aphex Twin, The Gorillaz, Charmin, Sega, and The Long Now Foundation released NFTs. NFTs offer no added value to a piece of art and are contributing to our climate crisis in the process. Given the negativity towards NFTs, I don’t know why any brand would want to be associated with them.

One common trend in all of these disastrous NFT launches is the follow up tweet announcing that the company knows that Ethereum, the most common blockchain used for NFTs, is a waste of tremendous energy, but they’ll be sure to do some carbon offsets to make up for the damage. Like, why not just cancel the NFT in the first place?






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  1. […] Dune Film (Legendary Entertainment)- Surprisingly, almost all of the examples above took place in March of 2021. That was a crazy boom month for NFTs, and for a wave of NFT scams and plagiarism that I documented in this Twitter thread. I feel like there was a bit of a lull over the summer, maybe because most brands were starting to see the toxic reputation around anything crypto/NFT. I was shocked when I heard that Legendary Entertainment was doing an NFT to promote the release of Dune. I had gone out of my way not to watch any trailers or read any press about the film so I could enjoy it fresh… then the first bit of news I hear is that they are doing an NFT. I wrote about that disastrous PR move here. […]


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