The orchestral sounds of Quarantined Beats And Inside Voices

I recently shared a Twitter thread about Quarantined Beats and Inside Voices, an album I made in May of 2020 with the help of some friends. One of the things that really struck me about the project was that up until making it, I always thought I had rehearse in person with other musicians… or at least be in the same city.

So I often found myself saying “I wish I knew a theremin player” or “I wish this saw player lived in SF”. It took being locked up during a shelter in place order for me to realize that I could make music with anyone in the world. Not just guest vocals, but I could work with horn players or cellists from anywhere.

So Quarantined Beats turned out to be one of my most orchestral releases yet, particularly with tracks like “Marble Madness”, “Flytrap”, and “These Times”.

I worked with several musicians on this album, but I just shared a twitter video featuring some of Camille De Carvalho’s parts. Camille played Ondes Martenot, vibraphone, french horn, trombone, and other instruments on QBaIV.