My favorite games and music of 2021

Happy New Year! There was a bunch of great art that came out last year, I just wanted to make a list of my favorite pieces. I might keep adding to this list as I remember things from last year, but let’s get started:

Favorite Games of 2021

I played some great games last year.

Favorite Music of 2021

I really tried to think of my favorite albums, but it really seems like artists are doing shorter and shorter releases. I really did like the Tux and Fanny soundtrack, which was a full length, but my favorite releases of 2021 were all EPs. So I guess this list is really “Favorite EPs of 2021”.

  • 3) “The Valleys” by Benjamin Mørk, Arve Henriksen (Mørk is one of my favorite musicians and is most known for his “mechanical piano” style of performing. This collaboration with a trumpet player really works well)
  • 2) “Winter, Gesture” by Josh Semans (beautiful instrumental music featuring an Ondes Martenot synthesizer)
  • 1) “From Nowhere to North” by Nosdam + Rayon (for fans of lofi hip hop, Anticon, and the Notwist)







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