Doc Pop in an orange hoodie in front of a bookshelf. Doc has a yo-yo attached to his hand and the yo-yo is unwound and spinning. In his other hand, Doc is holding a pair of scissors and appears to be about to cut the yo-yo string.

Yo-Yo Magic Tricks

When I used to work at a yo-yo kiosk, I used to prank my co-workers with these yo-yo magic tricks. I had been meaning to film them for years, but it wasn’t until I heard this funny episode of the 2.0 podcast that I finally got around to filming it. I used a short audio clip from that podcast in part one of my yo-yo magic trick videos.

See if you can figure out how I did them:

“Although magic and yo-yos are impressive on their own, they could benefit from combining…”
Here’s a magic trick that will only impress other yo-yoers.


  • There is no editing or post production used in these tricks.
  • They can be done in person.
  • The tricks don’t involve the string around my wrist either. That’s just something I wear all the time.







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