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I’m back from WordCamp US 2022

Last week I went to San Diego for WordCamp 2022. It was my first WordCamp in two and half years and I really enjoyed it. This was a much more intimate event than previous years, since they limited the number of available tickets to 650, so I really got to spend more time with each person I met.

I was on location shooting videos for and have been rushing get those videos online (watch them here). I shot about 13 interviews and managed to edit and upload over half of those videos before the event was even over.

I really appreciated the steps the organizers took to mitigate the spread of Covid at this event. Masks were required when indoors and they were using a checkin system called Vow that required attendees to show proof of vaccine or a recent Covid test. I hope events can keep these policies up. I haven’t had Covid yet, and I’d like to keep it that way 😉

A negative Covid test after WordCamp.

I’ve taken one test since the event ended and have a negative result. I’ll check again mid-week to see if that changes. I wore my mask when indoors and traveling and didn’t do any indoor dining, so I have a pretty good feeling I didn’t bring anything back home with me that I didn’t want.






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