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Creating Generative AI Art Within WordPress

Imajinn is a cleverly named WordPress plugin that allows you to easily generate AI-art from within your WordPress post editor. It’s similar in style to Midjourney, Dall-E 2, and other text-to-image visual synthesizers, but you can do it all in a blog post… for example:

I recently had a chance to interview Aaron and Josh, the co-founders of Infinite Uploads and creators of Imajinn, about how a tool like this could be used for WordPress sites and a preview of upcoming features:

That video was shot as part of my weekly Torque Social Hour livestream for TorqueMag.io. I feel so lucky that my day job allows me to geek out about art and WordPress!

After the show, Aaron hooked me up with a ton of AI-versions of Doctor Popular. These images were all created in Imajinn by feeding it screenshots from my youtube videos.






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