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October Goals

Autumn is here and it feels like the year is almost over. I have a lot of exciting projects in the works and I thought I’d try documenting them here. This isn’t intended to be a full list for the rest of the year, just my list of goals for the month of October.


I made an iOS game called SquirrelWarz for Tribal Games back in 2017. It was a great experience workin g with some of my most talented friends to make a game I was really proud of. It didn’t make us rich, but I was still very fortunate to be a part of it. I was the lead game developer and audio guy on the team, but I also helped with some of the art and other aspects of the game.

The SquirrelWarz soundtrack is some of my favorite music I’ve ever worked on. I wanted it to feel like it was made by a group of small little mammals, so I tried to use cute sounding instruments like melodicas, mouth harps, and toy drums. I created 8 full tracks for the game, but never got around to releasing them until now.

After a long wait, the SquirrelWarz soundtrack will be available this Friday on at a great price. It also happens to be #BandcampFriday, so it’s a great time to pick up a new album you’ll love.

Card Games

My first big game, Knifetank: The Shüffling, was released in 2020, and sold out quickly. I’ve been meaning to print another run ever since then, but just couldn’t make the time. I still get plenty of emails about the game so I’ve decided to do another crowdfunding campaign later this month to fund it.

I won’t be using Kickstarter this time around though, so I’m trying to decide between GameFound and Backerkit.

I’ve also been asked to demo the game at Big Bad Con later this month. I’ll be showing Knifetank in the Small Press Expo room on Saturday October 29th.


I have a bunch of prototypes and new yo-yos on order, but due to supply chain issues, I don’t have much of an idea of when they’ll arrive. I do have a few things that are more under my control though, such as running yo-yo meetups.

I run an online yo-yo club each month for my Patreon backers that is called the YoIP! (yo-yo over internet protocol). That happens on the second Saturday of each month.

I’m also hoping to run a yo-yo meetup in San Francisco the following Saturday in Golden Gate Park. If I do end up confirming that, I’ll probably share it on The Yo-Yo List, a new website for organizing yo-yo meetups. So keep your eye out there.

Comics and Art

Speaking of local meetups, I’m hoping to bring the San Francisco Cartoonist Conspiracy back to life with monthly meetups in the Mission. I have an old email list for the SFCC here, which might be a good way to keep track of those events.

The SF Cartoonist Conspiracy is a club I ran for many years. We’d meet in a coffee shop and work on jam comics or exquisite corpse style drawing games.


I’ve been really busy working on a bunch of WordPress related projects lately. Last month I went to WordCamp US and posted a ton of videos for about the event.

I’ve been running the Torque Social Hour for a few years, that is a weekly livestream about WordPress news and events. I’ve also started running the Press This podcast for WP Engine. Good times!

As part of my journey I’m trying to get better at building WordPress websites, so I’m currently working on This site is live now, but my hope is to have it finished by the end of October. Part of this site will involve creating a webfont that includes the andorsand glyph, so I can have that appear on the page like any other punctuation mark.



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