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A squirrel is listening to the original soundtrack of a game called "Squirrel Warz" composed by Doc Pop. Full Text: SQUIRREL WARZ ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK BY DOC POP

The SquirrelWarz soundtrack is here!

I’ve just released a new album on Bandcamp, just in time for #BandcampFriday. It’s the soundtrack to SquirrelWarz and you should give it a listen while reading this post:

SquirrelWarz is an iOS game I worked on for Tribal Games and was released in 2017. I was the lead game designer and audio artist, but I helped with some of the art too.

The soundtrack is a fun mix of toy instruments, like melodicas and mouth harps, with some Casio drums and chiptune basslines. Basically a mix of bedroom acoustic instruments with lofi electronics.

The songs are energetic and fun. I’m really proud of them and I’m glad they are finally available in a finished album. It took me long enough, huh.

Huge shoutout to Mike Hales who collaborated with me on the album art and did a great job on the SquirrelWarz art. I love that stuff.

Enjoy the album and have a happy Bandcamp Friday!



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