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A weekend with Kid Koala

It was a beautiful weekend in San Francisco. The weather was amazing and I had a lot of fun things to do. First on that list was the “Music To Draw To” event at Isotope Comics. This was an open meetup for artists to come and draw will listening to a two-hour long DJ set by Kid Koala.

I drew a rat

And then Mike, Steen, and myself headed to Biergarten for beers in a garden. Afterwards I came home and worked on a site redesign and a new Chrome Extension called “Butter”.

The next day I headed back to Hayes Valley to grab brunch with Kid Koala and a bunch of his Patreon sponsors at Doppio Zero. The food was great and I met a lot of great folks.

Afterwards I checked out some of the great art in Hayes Valley. I really dug this Sam Flores mural on Linden Street.

A mural on Linden Street

And this new art installation in the park. It’s called Cathenge.

six 9-foot tall cats in a circle, like stonehenge.






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