A graphic showing 6 album covers. At the top it says "#BandcampWrapped. Doc Pop's most played albums of 2022." The albums shown are Gnome's King. Chat Pile's "God's Country". Emily Hopkins' "Make Noise Not War". Benjamin Mork's "Mechanical Piano". Lomelda's "Hannah". And fan made Alvin & The Chipmunks record where all the songs are played at half speed.

#Bandcamp Wrapped 2022

I’m not a fan of Spotify, but I do get jealous of those cool little Spotify Wrapped videos people post each year. I prefer buying my music from Bandcamp, where artists can actually get paid for their work. Bandcamp doesn’t track how often I listen to albums, but I was able to dive into my iTunes to find out which music I listened to the most this year.

Here are my most played albums from 2022 (excluding my own albums):

My most played song of 2022 was “Ambrosius” by Gnome. This whole album is full of heavy riffs and catchy melodies. I can’t get enough of it. Perfect for Melvins fans.

My most played album of the 2022 is “God’s Country” by Chat Pile. I hadn’t heard of Gnome or Chat Pile before this year, now they seem to be all I listen to. This album has a great flow. Heavy sludge riffs mixed with punk. Favorite track is “Why” Perfect for fans of Jesus Lizard.

I first heard of Emily Hopkins through her reviews of effect pedals, like this one, where she runs her pedal harp through HEAVY distortion.

With each pedal review, she puts out a mini-album. I think “Airtrash” might be my favorite.

The releases are really short, but “EmilyHarpist Mixtape” is great if you are looking for a longer release to chill out to.

Benjamin Mørk mics his piano in intersting ways, often picking up the squeaky mechanical sounds that aren’t intended to be recorded, then combining those sounds with electronics. He calls this “mechanical piano” and I can’t get enough of it. His music is simultaneously big and small, acoustic and electronic, epic and simple. Here he is talking about his unique style.






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