A screenshot from the WordPress dashboard that shows the "Social Icons" block. On the left is a list of sites and logos that you can use, on the right is how they appear on my About page.

how To Easily Add Linktree-style link repositories in WordPress (like I do)

I just made a quick and easy tutorial that teaches WordPress users how to easily add a Linktree-style link list to their site without any additional plugins. This is the same technique I use for my About page on docpop.org.

Watch the tutorial video here:

I say quick, but I guess if I’m being honest, it could have been shorter. I think the video does a thorough job of answering any questions the viewer might have about how to use blocks in WordPress. What starts off as a video about the Social Icons block quickly becomes a micro tutorial on how to use the “List View”, the undo buttons, the block customizer, and much more.

I also ranted a bit near the end.

A screenshot from Youtube. It shows the chapters section in the video's timeline and this chapter is labeled as "An old man yelling at the cloud-based social media"







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