This image shows how to add a Mastodon post to a WordPress post by creating a new paragraph and pasting the original URL of the post. Full Text: C Q + = Adding Mastodon Embed To embed a Mastodon post in your WordPress post, created a new paragraph, then paste the original URL of the Mastodon post.

Embedding Mastodon Posts on WordPress

TLDR, if you can’t get Mastodon post to automatically embed to your WordPress. Try using the embed button on your Mastodon post, then dropping it in a custom HTML block on your WordPress site (as described at the bottom of this post).

I’m loving Mastodon and have been posting a lot of art there recently. I was pleased to find how easy it was to embed one of my Mastodon posts to WordPress, like this one:

All I need to do is copy my Mastodon post’s url, then drop it in a new block on WP. It’s got an extra bit at the bottom of the embed, but it still looks pretty good. This extra bit goes away if I use Mastodon’s “embed” code on my site, instead of auto-embedding the url.

A screen recording of my WordPress dashboard. I drop in a link to a Mastodon post and the link quickly converts into an embed.

It worked easily for me, but I started hearing from other folks who weren’t able to get posts to embed, so I started digging around and found that posts from many other sites, don’t embed nicely. Like the the embed below this paragraph. When I tried adding that URL, WordPress sort of embedded it, but in a very wonky way.

Does anyone know why some Mastodon urls magically embed in WordPress, and others don’t?

How to properly embed a Mastodon post

If you are having trouble auto-embedding posts, you can use Mastodon’s embed HTML code. To do that, find a post you’d like to embed, click the “more” button (the three tiny dots), copy the embed code and open your WP post.

Then create a new block and make it a custom HTML block. You can do this quickly by typing “/html” in a new block and then choosing the block once you see it.

Drop in your HTML from Mastodon, then hit publish. It should look like this.






2 responses to “Embedding Mastodon Posts on WordPress

  1. Judy Stone Avatar
    Judy Stone

    I appreciate your suggestions. Trying that, I get an error message. I’m using Beaver Builder for WP and am not a techie. Any other suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you!

  2. doc Avatar

    Hi Judy, I’m not very familiar with Beaver Builder, so I can’t offer any advice. I’m so sorry. I had thought it would all have been the same.

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