A street corner on 20th and Lexington in SF. From this angle, you can see the corner of a building that has been heavily tagged by "golem", "Frisko", and others. In the center is a large tag by Weasl. It is two weasels with expressive faces and human-like clothes (button shirts with neckties). One weasel has a halo over it's head, the other has horns and a tail. All the tags on this building are done in a 2-color or 3-color throw-up style.


San Francisco graffiti artists like Ribity, Twist, and Reminisce, made names for themselves by painting recognizable images as their tags instead of letters.

At the moment, one of SF’s most prolific taggers is an artist named Weasl who tags iconic animal drawing on walls in a classic 2-color “throw-up” style.

A wide photograph of an empty space that used to be the Pheonix Bar. The bar is gone it's just an empty lot, but the walls on the nearby buildings have been covered by giant tags. One of which a painting of two weasels and some text that says "never dry"

And here are a few other Weasl pieces from the hood. These are simple line art pieces, done with a marker or sharpie, and probably put up when Weasl was waiting for a layer of paint to dry on one of their bigger pieces. The first one here is from July 2020.





5 responses to “Weasl

  1. Suzanne C Avatar
    Suzanne C

    It’s funny! I’ve been seeing their stuff in Pacifica for years! Their style has changed certainly. I really wish I could find their socials or something cus I love their art so much.

  2. doc Avatar

    Neat to hear their work is in Pacifica too. I wonder when they first started tagging around there. First time I saw Weasl here was 2020.

  3. anon Avatar

    their ig is 2girls1streaker

  4. doc Avatar

    Thanks for that!

  5. StreetYsLocal Avatar

    Local Stock Bay Area this is for the struggles of the kids who roam haight street. WASTELAND CLOTHING is writing checks for exchange of goods then voiding them after. its not a sanctuary to help the kids get by, its a slaughter house.
    yes, I just said this. someone had to.

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