A photo of Donnelle, the owner of Hair and Heavy Metal, inside of her mobile salon. She's wearing a plaid shirt, stylish cat-eyed glasses, and a nose ring.

Hair And Heavy Metal- a Mobile Salon in San Francisco

I’m a big fan of Hair and Heavy Metal, a mobile salon that’s usually parked at 18th and Valencia in San Francisco. After a recent haircut there, I asked Donnelle if we could do a quick interview about about her business and what it’s like running a hair salon out of a giant truck.

A teal truck that looks like a food truck. The back door is open and you can see heavy metal posters and barber supplies. The side of the truck has a cheesy heavy metal logo that says "Hair and Heavy Metal".
Donnelle inside of Hair and Heavy Metal salon. This photo shows how narrow her salon is, since it's inside of a truck, and all the posters on the wall.






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