A hand holding a phone that appears to be cracked and glitched. This is just an illusion though, the phone is fine, but the wallpaper has the glitched image on it.

Cracked-iPhone XR Screen Wallpaper

My iPhone XR has had a long crack along the screen for the past year. It still worked fine until I accidentally dropped it again, and the screen went all black and glitchy.

As usual, I captured some photos of the cracked screen and turned them into a new wallpaper, which you can download below (it’s CC-BY-NC). See the rest of my cracked-screen wallpapers here.

I already had a rad-looking glitched screen on my phone before this happened (see my previous screen here), so there was a funny moment when I picked my phone up from the screen repair shop and the cashier was like “oh, no, it’s still broke”. Good times.

The cracked screen wallpaper. This image appears as if it has cracked glass and glitches on it, so you can install it on your new phone and make it look damaged.
the downloadable wallpaper is CC-BY-NC Doc Pop, so feel free to use it on your devices.



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