A old school digital illustration by Keith Haring of a television set with a humanoid figure on it. The figure's arms are near it's head and giant wave appears to be pouring out of a whole on top if it's head.

Early digital Art By Keith Haring

Check out these digital images by Keith Haring that were recently found on a floppy disc in Timothy Leary’s archives. Haring created these images on an Amiga computer in 1987 for a project with Leary that never came to fruition.

5 of these images have recently been shared online and I’m including all 5 in this post. More info about these images and the Leary’s original film project here https://www.nypl.org/blog/2013/01/25/transmissions-timothy-leary-papers-keith-haring-mind-movie

I’m glad we all get to enjoy these beautiful images today, and I’d suggest not letting the Not Fun Things that Christie’s Action House is using these images for ruin your appreciation of them.

Fuck NFTs.







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