A glitched out photo taken with an old and outdated digital camera. The image is of 5 cute ghosts hanging from a tree. The pixels shift and drift downwards, giving the photo an eerie feel.

Glitched and Spooky Pics From Our Neighborhood

Each year around this time, I like to take my circuit-bent HP Photosmart 435 digital camera with me as I check out some of the Halloween decorations in our neighborhood in San Francisco. This is in the Mission, Bernal, La Lengua part of town, where there’s usually lots of spooky displays in front of people’s houses.

This footage was captured in my Photosmart camera as I activated different glitches

These shots were all taken on a modified digital camera from 2003. These modifications enable me to capture real-time glitches, which give them an extra eerie vibe.

Here is the specific camera I was using

And here are some photos from previous Halloween’s in our neighborhood:







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