This image is from the WordPress plugin for Fediverse Embeds. It shows how several different Mastodon posts appear on WordPress when using this post.

Testing the Fediverse Embeds Plugin For WordPress

I’m testing out the new Fediverse Embeds Plugin by Stefan Bohacek today. Let’s give it a test by embedding Stefan’s announcement post on Mastodon.

My Fediverse Embeds WordPress plugin is now available in the plugin directory:

Huge thanks to everyone who helped me test it during the initial development!

— Stefan Bohacek (

This tool should give me more control over embedded posts from Mastodon on my blog. To use it, you’ll need to go to a post on Mastodon, grab the embed code from that post, then open the “HTML block” in WordPress and paste the embed code there. This is the same process you’d usually take to embed things from Mastodon or Youtube or wherever.

When I first heard of this post, I was hoping it would allow me to simply copy the URL of a Mastodon post and drop it into a new WordPress block, then automatically convert that URL to an embedded post, plus display a preview of that post in your WordPress editor.

That’s how embedding a tweet used to work, before Musk broke the API. You could copy the URL of the tweet, paste it in an empty WP block, and you’d see an embedded version of that tweet in your post. Here is a post from Stefan describing his goals for this plugin.

Here’s another example of an embedded Mastodon post using the Fediverse Embeds plugin.

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