A screenshot from Photomatt's Tumblr page that says "Tumblr Q&A There's some press and publications like Verge asking What's going on with Tumblr. I'm going to answer questions using the "ask" feature of Tumblr here, so everyone can see the answers. You must be logged in to ask, but use the AMA button at the top of my blog or this link."

Tumblr Is Downsizing

Automattic, the makers of WordPress.com, acquired Tumblr in 2019. They put a big investment into bringing new users to the platform, including building a Gutenberg-powered post editor, but they failed to make the site profitable.

This week, an internal document leaked that showed Automattic would soon be moving Tumblr employees onto other projects (like WordPress.com & WooCommerce), leaving only a handful of employees to continue the daily operations of Tumblr.com. This news sent a huge shockwave through Tumblr’s passionate community.

Rather than answering interview requests, Matt Mullenweg decided to answer questions directly on Tumblr. So I asked if the re-org was enough to keep Tumblr afloat.

During the AMA, another user asked if Tumblr still planned on adding ActivityPub integration.






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