An Interview With Amos Goldbaum

I recently bumped into Amos Goldbaum in our neighborhood, and I shot this short interview with him. Amos is a “drawer of lines” whose murals can be found all over San Francisco. I asked him how he developed his style, how he researches his murals, and other aspects of his work. You can watch the interview on

I’ve been a fan of Amos’s work for a while, and it was great to finally get to chat with him about it. This interview was recorded rather spontaneously on my iPhone and edited in Descript. Progress on the mural has halted in the past few days due to the extreme rain in SF, but I’m sure he’ll finish it sometime next week. I can’t wait to see it and I feel so lucky to have a chance to document it’s progress.

I went for a short walk on today and bumped into Amos Goldbaum, a local muralist whose distinct line art can be seen all over . I’m going to grab my microphone, then come back up the hill for a quick interview with him. Anything you’d like me to ask Amos about his work? Check out his site here:

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