A drawing of an orange man pointing his fingers towards the viewer. The man has orange skin and his head is shaped like a cone.

#SidewalkFriends: Cone Head

I like to keep an eye out for cool shapes during my walks and use them as inspiration for my #SidewalkFriends drawings. It’s like my version of hunting for Pokémon.

I did a double take when I first saw this orange traffic cone on 29th street. I could have sworn it winked at me. So I grabbed a quick photo and used it as inspiration for today’s Sidewalk Friends sketch.

A section of a wall on a nearby garage was the inspiration for today’s sketch. I think this section is where a sign used to be, but it looked like a big bushy beard to me.

I asked for some suggestions on what the man should be holding in his hands, and CLYW (over on Instagram) suggested “a photo of his cat”. Thanks to everyone who shared suggestions. This was a fun one to make.

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