Doc Pop is a professional yo-yoer, cartoonist, musician, nerdcore rapper, tailor, crafster, and clothing designer living in San Francisco’s Mission District.

Doc was born in Moultry, GA, but was raised in the town of Lewisburg, TN. It wasn’t until a trip he took on his 21st birthday that Doc picked up his first yo-yo. A few weeks later, Doc quit his job and became a full time yo-yo pro.

Through yo-yoing, Doc has moved around quite a bit. Living in Chattanooga TN, Memphis TN, Stanton VA, Richmond VA, St. Louis MO, Minneapolis MN, San Diego CA, and of course the Bay Area where Doc currently resides.

Under the moniker Drown Radio, Doc Pop has produced beats and recorded with artists such as MC Frontalot, Scream Club, Beefy, MC Router, MC Lars, mc chris and Sandman. In the summer of 2004, Drown Radio released a split album with Minneapolis band The Atomic Bros. Doc also has released several cool and strange music podcasts called Drown Pirate Radio.

While living in the Twin Cities, Doc started regularly attending meeting of the Minneapolis Cartoonist Conspiracy. This really pushed Doc to start creating art more seriously. When he moved to SF, Doc created the San Francisco Cartoonist Conspiracy which has produced 10 books and is an active part in the SF art community. Doc’s style is mostly autobiographical and highly original. He has published several mini comics, including Super Top, Ideas, and the Flatjack Incident. Currently Doc is working on his first graphic novel and doesn’t yet have a publisher.

It was while living in San Francisco that Doc got into crafting items out of recycled materials. Doc has built his reputation on projects like his hats made out of vintage necties, vacuum tube necklaces, and his coffee cozies and wallets made out of scraps of high end raw denim with selvage. You can see pictures of past crafts in this flickr set or see what I currently have for sale on my Etsy account. Doc also tailors for Self Edge, so he gets a good supply.

This year Doc hopes to grow his crafting and clothing design business and continue his professional yo-yoing, but he also plans on releasing a new Drown Radio album entirely on a usb flash drive and finishing his current graphic novel.