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  • Redesigning


    I’ve been running this WordPress blog for about 15 years and have gone through 4 major versions of site so far. I’ve documented those previous versions of the site and will share them in another post, but for now I wanted to brag about my hot new theme. My first Block Theme Block themes […]

  • #Bandcamp Wrapped 2022

    #Bandcamp Wrapped 2022

    I’m not a fan of Spotify, but I do get jealous of those cool little Spotify Wrapped videos people post each year. I prefer buying my music from Bandcamp, where artists can actually get paid for their work. Bandcamp doesn’t track how often I listen to albums, but I was able to dive into my […]

  • A weekend with Kid Koala

    A weekend with Kid Koala

    It was a beautiful weekend in San Francisco. The weather was amazing and I had a lot of fun things to do. First on that list was the “Music To Draw To” event at Isotope Comics. This was an open meetup for artists to come and draw will listening to a two-hour long DJ set […]

  • How to disable notification sounds in Mastodon

    How to disable notification sounds in Mastodon

    I freaking love Mastodon, but I hate the annoying beeps that constantly play when viewing Mastodon on a web browser. If you’d like to turn off all those sounds, you can click on the “Notifications” button on the right side, then click on the little settings icon near the top of the screen. From here, […]