A Pac-Man Sweater Made in a Traditional Icelandic Style

This year, Christine offered to knit an Icelandic style sweater of my own design for my birthday. She had already made a few of these sweaters, also known as lopapeysas, before and said that if I designed something, she’d knit it. So of course I designed a Pac-Man Peysa using an online tool called KnittingPatterns.is. The sweater designer was a little buggy, especially on Mac, but it was surprisingly easy to get the hang of.

The final Pac-Man sweater turned out great! You can read more about it on her blog post here. Since I’ve never knit before, I made a couple rookie mistakes in my design that Christine ended up editing to make it work better as a sweater.

Iceland 2017
We’ve decided to share the final Pac-Man Peysa design as Creative Commons. You can copy it, modify it, or even sell it. If you like, you can give attribution to Christine Clarke and Doctor Popular. Here’s the file.

To make it easier to edit, I’ve also uploaded the .prjon file here. You can simply go to design page at knittingpatterns.is, click the file tab on the top right, then click open and upload the pac man sweater.prjon file (you’ll need Silverlight installed). One suggestion I’d make is to avoid doing different color ghosts. It would be much easier to just pick one color and knit that. Maybe even do the dark blue ghost all the way around.


Robocalls threatening people who post negatively about Trump

My friend Eric received a threatening robocall today warning him to “lay off the negative social media posts about President Trump”. He shared the call on Youtube and it’s worth listening to:

I shared the video on Twitter and heard from a few other people who received the same call chimed in too. The message above is missing the intro, but Gizmodo reports the caller claims to be part of Citizens For Trump. The phone number used for this call belongs to a company often used by scammers for sending outgoing robocalls. It’s unclear what the people behind this scam are trying to achieve, are they trying to scare people who have posted about Trump lately or are they trying to sound like such an obvious scam that conservatives will think they are a liberal hoax trying to defame the president? Maybe it’s a hoaxer intending to further anger liberals?

Unless part of the message got cut off before the voicemail began recording, the voice on the line doesn’t state who they are, but it’s clear they are trying to impersonate someone with authority. Here’s a full transcript:

We’ll we’ve been monitoring some of your posts and it does seem that you’ve been making some rather negative comments about President Trump.

Is that correct? Listen. We’re going to have to ask you to lay off on the negative and derogatory posts about President Trump, okay?

What’s your problem anyways? Don’t you want to make America great again?

Ok, well you’ve been warned. We’ll be keeping an eye on you. Have a nice day.

A few weeks ago, people in Alabama started receiving similar robocalls from someone claiming to be from the Washington Post and offering big bucks for false accusations about Roy Moore. These fake calls were intended to anger conservative voters who already held biases believing the liberal media was out to slander Moore. Could this new call be from the same organization? Are they dialing random numbers or targeting specific lists of phone numbers? How can we find out more about them? Either way, threatening phone calls like this are against the law in Florida.


Yo-Yo Ng, the greatest supervillain you’ve never heard of

Today I found out about Yo-Yo Ng, a yo-yo wielding supervillain who made his first and only appearance in the giant sized issue #50 of The Punisher.

I haven’t been able to read this issue yet, but I found this breakdown of Yo-Yo from Alternative007:

Yo Yo is a decent villain as far as these types of comics go. He’s an albino with a shock of white hair and has a razor studded Yo Yo that he uses to kill people! He’s also a martial arts expert and if you annoy him you’ll end up in his cryogenic lab. NASA think Yo Yo is doing research for them but he’s planning to rip them off. He believes his impenetrable biospheres will not be put into space but in American cities when law and order collapses in about ten years. He’ll make a fortune if he’s correct about the the near future descending into anarchy.

It’s a shame that Yo-Yo Ng only appears in this one comic. This is one villain that I’d like to see keep coming back. Get it? Like a yo-yo.

Maybe the Punisher put him to sleep.

Or if he’s still on the run, Frank Castle could chase him around the world.

Maybe he’s working on a secret yo-yo rocket… so he could shoot the moon. That’d be a neat twist.