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  • Don Watson’s “Yo-Yo Physics” Zines

    Don Watson’s “Yo-Yo Physics” Zines

    The Yo-Yo Physics books are a great collection of zines by Don Watson. They explain topics like string tension, gyroscopic, and yo-yo RPM in complex mathematical equations.

  • Embedding Mastodon Posts on WordPress

    Embedding Mastodon Posts on WordPress

    TLDR, if you can’t get Mastodon post to automatically embed to your WordPress. Try using the embed button on your Mastodon post, then dropping it in a custom HTML block on your WordPress site (as described at the bottom of this post). I’m loving Mastodon and have been posting a lot of art there recently. […]

  • A Quick Guide to Animating with Looom App

    A Quick Guide to Animating with Looom App

    I’ve really enjoyed experimenting with Looom, an animation app for iOS (App store link). Unlike other animation apps, Looom is built around a few experimental animation features, like being able to convert real-time gestures into frame by frame animation. Looom also has features that allow you to have multiple looping layers that move at different […]

  • Weird Jazz

    Weird Jazz

    I don’t listen much jazz, but I love odd musical pairings, like heavy metal played on bluegrass instruments or acoustic punk rock. After coming across an old jazz record that featured a harpist, I started wondering, “What other jazz records feature unusual instruments?”. So I did some research, and here’s what I found. (I also […]