My process for 2D animations and game art with Hexels Pro.

The folks at 80 Level have recently published an interview with me about my process for creating 2D animations and game art with Hexels Pro. I’ve blogged a lot of my Hexels Pro “trixel art” here before, but this article is the most in depth I’ve ever gotten about the techniques behind that art.

making trixel art with Hexels Pro

If you live in SF, please feel free to hit me up if you have any Hexels Pro questions. OMG, here’s a snippet:

I usually start with a very small and simple sketch, then jump into Hexels Pro and get started in their trixels mode. There’s a template I use to start most new projects that is simply called “Trixels” and has a 48×48 grid. I then shrink the grid down to a much smaller size, like 10×10 and start working out my image there using just a few distinctly different colors that I’ll end up switching later. I know I’m going to go into higher detail later, but I really like to start in a very “low-resolution” kind of mindsight. If I can make a dope image there, then I know it’s going to look good later.


An impromptu interview with John Law high atop the Oakland Tribune Tower

John Law is an interesting dude with one of the most interesting office spaces in the Bay Area. Though known mainly for his work with The Cacophony Society, Burning Man, and SantaCon, John has had a long career as a neon sign technician. His sign work includes regular clients like the Ferry Building, Hill Bros Coffee, and The Tribune Tower.

I visited John’s office high atop the Tribune Tower and shot a short interview with him about his love of the Tribune Tower and how his neon sign work led to him getting an unusual office at the very top of the building.


I’m on this week’s episode of Weird And Wonderful with Broke-Ass Stuart

I’ve been a fan of Broke-Ass Stuart and Sonny Phono’s “Weird And Wonderful” podcast since it launched, so it’s kind of weird being featured in an episode. According to the show’s description I talk about “how to live a fun, fulfilling, and creative life”, but I haven’t had the courage to listen to it yet. I’m going to pour myself a glass of fernet first.

You can listen to it here or subscribe to W&W on iTunes here.