Egg Jars for Days!

I aint no cook, but I’ve been really enjoying my new weekly ritual of cooking egg jars each Sunday morning. The jars are simple, healthy, and easy for us to take to work each day for breakfast.

The basic idea is that you prepare some veggies and grains (or legumes), put them in a small jar, drop a raw egg on top, then double boil the jars for about 10 minutes to cook the eggs. The total cooking time is about an hour, but then you are set for 6 meals, and it’s really fun to experiment with. This week’s jars included duck eggs, bamboo rice, mushrooms, and red peppers. I start with a cup of lentils or rice, then add 1.5 cups of chicken broth and let them cook. I made my own chicken broth yesterday, which was way easier than I expected. As for the veggies, I usually do mushrooms and the white part of green onions and try not to overcook them. I set the green parts of the onions in a separate bowl and add them on top after the jars are fully cooked. I really don’t know my way around the kitchen, but I do enjoy making my meals look nice, so I like to add little touche (like the green onions) to make the jars feel more like a meal. Since I was using bamboo rice, which has a great green color, I decided to dice up raw red peppers and mix them in with the rice just for a high contrast. I also like to drop a dollop of sichuan chili oil onto the cooked egg before I add the green onion tops. Another important step is to put a light coat of oil along the inside walls of the jars to make clean up easier. Trust me.

I’m not great at following recipes, but these jars are extremely forgiving and easy to improvise. Each week I stop by Rainbow Grocery and pick out some exotic sounding rice, then figure out some fun things to combine with it. In all honesty, it’s helped me learn a lot more about cooking than what I already knew, and making me feel a lot more confident about learning how to cook more. Plus its a healthy start to each day.


A new comic book about yo-yos

During last year’s 24 Hour Comic Day challenge, I created a silly comic book about yo-yos called “Believe it or Knot”. I’ve been yearning to make a book like this for years and I think it turned out awesome. You can download it for just $3 here, or you can get it for free when you support me on Patreon

available on

The book was created almost entirely on my iPad using Procreate and an Apple Pencil. The only non-ipad stuff was the fonts I added in photoshop. I sure wish Procreate supported fonts. 


Tiramizoo, a dessert made with animal crackers

I was at a holiday party a few weeks back and made a joke about making tiramisu with animal crackers and calling it “tiramizoo”. I’ve been thinking about it ever since, so I had to make it! 

I’ve never made custard before, so I was lucky that Christine was around to make sure I wasn’t messing it up, but everything else was pretty straightforward. I essentially followed a pretty basic tiramisu recipe (find it here), but used animal crackers and homemade coffee whiskey (recipe here). The end result was fantastic and the animal crackers could really work as a basic substitute if you don’t have lady fingers lying around. 


Roast Beef Dunwich, our horrifying new Twitterbot

Have you ever wondered what items would be on the menu in a cosmic-horror-themed diner? Me too! Well not at first, but I had a fun Twitter handle (@eatroastbeef) that I wanted to do something neat with, so I thought it would be fun combine a bunch of unspeakable descriptions from Lovecraft novels along with tasty menu descriptions from various local restaurants and fast food chains. Ideally, the bot would then send tweets with a name, short description, price, and calorie count.  Like this:

Christine had written her own Markov Chain script for a similar project earlier this year, so we thought that would be perfect for this project. While Christine worked on the code, I collected as many descriptions as possible to feed to the bot. This was the most tedious part for me as I had to scour the web hunting down good sources, then usually needing to click copy and paste multiple times on each item on their menu and add them to our list. Many sites didn’t even have this info on one page, so I had to load a new page for every single item. This was hours of work, but it was so much fun to see the bots descriptions improve and change with each new menu we feed it. For the Lovecraft text, I started off by just feeding in all of his novels, but that often yielded some boring tweets. I was lucky to find Yog-Blogsoth, which collected every single Lovecraft creature (no matter how obscure) and listed it along with the specific block of text that describes it. This meant all of our Lovecraft text was just the gruesome descriptions, with none of that plot stuff to get in the way. It was still a ton of copying/pasting/checking for duplicates, but it saved a ton of time. 

We had some decent names to choose from, but ended up calling our “diner” Roast Beef Dunwich. I banged out a mascot and logo and the end result is online now. We don’t curate the feed, so there’s bound to be some gibberish, but so far we’ve seen some great tweets. Be sure to give @eatroastbeef a follow for a small dose of absurd tweets throughout the day. 

My favorite food title so far.
No wait, this is my favorite item title! “NYARLATHOTEP MASHED POTATOES THAT ENDED ARBYS”?! How did it even come up with that title? 
Gluten free!

Fun fact, we have yet to see a single Shoggoth or Cthulhu callout since our bot went live. I think I’ll freak out when it happens. 

For more information, check out Christine’s post about Roast Beef Dunwich… and be sure to follow and share our ghastly creation