The Reverse Halloween Short Film (that was almost lost forever)

In 2009, a user named np312 wrote a comment on Ask Metafilter about being reverse-trick-or-treated when they were a kid. I loved the story so much that I drew it into a comic…. and then someone loved the… Read More

Orange You Glad The Sky Is Normal Again?

This week we had very strange weather. Massive fires in California and Oregon filled the air with so much smoke that the skies turned orange for a few days. It was very disorienting. Christine was ready for it

Juggling Giraffes with Mikl Em

San Francisco lost another amazing artists today. Mikl Em passed away this morning after a year long battle with brain cancer. Mikl was a doer. I have many talented friends, but what set Mikl apart was his ability… Read More

Grilling time

I mentioned that we had recently moved, right? Well I was stoked to discover we had a grill in our new backyard. Having a backyard was already an exciting feature. The grill just pushed it over the top…. Read More