A fun responsive counterweight combo

I went on a long hike with some friends recently and found this trick as I was walking around. I was carrying something in my left hand, so I kept trying to find one-handed yo-yo tricks I could… Read More

Performing Dr. Strange while listening to “People Are Strange” and using a Dr. Strange filter

Dr. Strange is an older trick of mine that I thought I should start doing again since there’s a whole Dr. Strange movie happening now.

An hour long trixelated fireplace

I know winter is nearly over, but here’s an hour long version of my trixelated firedplace to keep you warm. This is part of the trixel art projects I was making a few years ago.

More videos about the problems with NFTs

Last week I shared Dan Olson’s “Line Goes Up”, a great video about the problems with NFTs. Since then, a ton of press has come out about the fact that OpenSea’s problem with plagiarism and its effects on… Read More