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Category: MemesInRealLife

  • Gif art IRL and emergent behaviour

    Gif art IRL and emergent behaviour

    I was asked to create some GIFs for a new gorilla art project called The Hard G Project. The organizers gave me a couple of tablets to display the gifs on and I got to decide when, where, and how the art was hung. The idea was that we’d leave the tablets up, with my […]

  • MRVLcats

    Over the weekend I saw a bunch of Marvel characters drawn as cats popping up on my friend Apelad’s flickrhole. After learning it was part of a #mrvlcats meme on Twitter I decided to give it a shot with these few pieces:

  • Rick Rolling Random Callers

    Holy carp! It’s been almost two years since I first started making those Missing: Invisible Bicycle posters. Since then, thousands of people have called the number on the poster and been rick rolled by my pre-recorded message. For just one weekend, back in January ’09, I forwarded all calls from my Grand Central/Google Voicemail to […]

  • This looks shopped

    Campbell Soup Company’s letter to Andy Warhol get’s the proper “Pop Art” treatment. Read the original letter on Letters of Note.