I can’t quit Keanu

Ever since I saw the sad Keanu meme start to spread, I knew I wanted to mash it up with my "I can’t unfollow you" painting.

Science for Juggalos

A few weeks ago I helped out with the Science for Juggalos event in SF. We made several high school science fair style signs to bring to an Insane Clown Posse show later that night. I posted this… Read More

God Damn Midget

Some people start new bands just because they like making up band names. I used to find shows for my band just because I loved making fliers. I was 17 when I started a band called God Damn… Read More

LOLcats Music Video by Dan Lamoureux

this is a repost from DrownRadio.com: LOLcats, the first official music video from my newest album Me Geek Pretty One Day has been finally released. We shot the video on July 12th, 2008 on Quincy Street and the… Read More