LOLarts show video round up

In October of 2008, I took part in the LOLarts show in San Francisco. Despite all the cool press that came out afterwords, I haven’t written anything about the art show since this entry. So below is a… Read More

Portrait of the twartist as a hood

Yesterday I was pleased to learn that the UK’s Guardian newspaper listed me as one of their favorite artists to follow on Twitter. Although the term “Twartist” isn’t all that flattering, I’m still really honored to have been… Read More

fine art meetz lulz…

Ladies and gents, I am a giddy Doctor Popular, for tonight my art will hang in the LOL Art show. It’s my first art show! LOL Art is a collection of meme related pieces created by artists from… Read More

Every to you emulate, doc remixes a meme

Every time you emulate, God kills a cabinet. Above is my remix of the classic “masturbation” meme. I made another one (below) with those same old watercolors I keep talking about. I want to the second one, because… Read More